Some challenges as I look to transform my IT shop

By Lester Lewis, Deputy Chief Information Officer at Clark County


The current digital transformation is complex in many facets: New companies are emerging to challenge industry stalwarts so we have to evaluate technology and the viability of the organization at the same time; The pace of change is making it difficult for the business to adjust policy, process or even understand the impact of the technology (e.g. analytics, cloud in all its forms, security, CAPEX vs OPEX expenditures); The largest and most intriguing issue is changing the way people in IT think. Many have become entrenched in being a useful utility that they miss the opportunity to connect with their organization’s efforts in a meaningful way. This operational excellence is important, but if digital transformation is the goal it won’t get the job done. I am currently investigating methods to help my staff fail and succeed faster, redefine job titles to eliminate silos (does the F5 belong to the server team or the networking team) and focus on delivering services that add bottom line value. The single most difficult task is refining the organization away from the individual contributor model to a more service oriented matrix. It is not out-sourcing or in-sourcing per se, but more about right sourcing what should and shouldn’t be the focus based on the ever changing needs of the business and technology. I could write on this topic forever, but I am interested in hearing the experience of my peers.

If you are an english major looking to tell me what’s wrong with my prose, please don’t. Thanks.