Comradery in Cybersecurity

By Michael Sardaryzadeh, CISO, Prime Healthcare

Looking beyond the ever increasing lack of Cybersecurity talent in the industry and focusing in on the existing Cybersecurity employees of any team or organization, it should be clear that “Cybersecurity is a team sport”. As Cybersecurity’s most effective weapon against cyber-crime and attacks are the teams and employees of Cybersecurity organizations, the right individual and team behaviors are essential to an effective Cybersecurity organization.

The elemental human composition of the Cybersecurity team is as important as the makeup of any multi-faceted sports team needing offensive and defensive players with the right behaviors, communicating seamlessly, and moving forth under a unified strategy. You not only want the best subject matter experts/players in your cybersecurity organization, but they absolutely need to have the right behaviors and a degree of emotional intelligence. A Team mindset, sense of comradery, and dedication to the success of the whole is more important in Cybersecurity than most other IT fields. It is the same force that drives success for a great football team, an infantry battalion, or academic decathlon. It is the key to being great, at a team sport.