Digital Transformation in the AEC Industry

By Claire Rutkowski, CIO, Bentley Systems


Have you gone digital yet? Are you well on your way? In talking with CIOs around the world, the changing dynamics of IT and what it takes to support today’s infrastructure projects are top of mind for most of us. It’s been interesting to see how quickly some have moved to the vision of a paperless environment in a speedy effort to embrace the new world of “going digital” to support project deliverables from conception through construction. Some of us, on the other hand, struggle with bringing together the many aspects of our business to craft a truly holistic digital transformation strategy.  But whether we get there quickly or slowly, choosing to move fully to the cloud or manage a hybrid environment, we are all concerned about security, collaboration and how to manage constantly changing project files.

I’m looking forward to hearing more about these and other hot topics in the AEC industry at the EFCG CIO Conference next month. If you are a CIO in this dynamic AEC industry, this event is one of the most forward thinking events of the year.   Bentley Systems is a sponsor of this event, along with Microsoft. I’m really impressed with the lineup of speakers, and can’t wait to gain insights from two folks who are leading the way in cybersecurity and cloud: General Greg Touhill, the former U.S. Chief Information Security Officer, and Ulrich (Uli) Homann, a Distinguished Architect for Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Business Group.

Here are some of the other items on the agenda:

  • Digital Transformation is Underway – How do AEC Firms Manage the Transition?  Over the next 5 years, digital will impact every facet of our businesses. What are the possibilities, and how can AEC firms transform their business models to best profit from these changes?
  • Committing to a “Cloud First” Strategy – Risks, Opportunities, and Challenges – The move toward an increasingly cloud-based operating model is accelerating. How are AEC firms approaching the cloud, evaluating ROI, mitigating risks, and finding new value for their firms?
  • VR, Augmented Reality, Drones, and Holograms – Game Changers or Distractions?
    New tools, or new toys – the advances in these technologies are enticing. How are AEC firms leveraging new methods and tools to transform our deliver models, bring value to customers, and improve business results in the process?
  •  Building a Culture of Innovation – The Key to Maximizing Business Results in an Increasingly Digital World
    In an industry as tradition-bound as ours, how do we create a culture that brings the new thinking, risk-taking, and rapid go-to-market approaches that will drive the AEC industry into its digital future?
  • Technology is Changing Everything  Are our People Ready for this Challenge?
    A look at the human side of technology. As digital becomes ever more pervasive, how are AEC firms changing hiring, partnering, and M&A activities to best position themselves for success?