Ghangor Cloud – Combatting Cyberthreat With AI-enabled Advanced Technology

Tarique Mustafa, Founder, CEO & CTO, Ghangor Cloud

Healthcare, in the past couple of years, has undergone a colossal transformation and the advancement that is being made appears to be directly from the pages of a science fiction novel. For example, not too long ago, health records were stored in paper documents; however, now numerous patients can access their medicinal records and test outcomes in just a click of a button.

Tarique Mustafa_Founder CEO CTO_Ghangor Cloud
Tarique Mustafa, Founder CEO CTO

From booking an appointment online to medicinal records and insurance, the healthcare ecosystem acts as a hyperconnected environment – enabling patient data to be managed and shared by several entities including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, and health insurance companies. However, with the emergence of innovation and the proliferation of data, cyber threat has become a key concern of care providers. “The healthcare industry today is faced with a multitude of data security challenges while ensuring the confidentiality of the information they collect about the patients’ demographics; their health condition and the treatment regimens being administered,” says Tarique Mustafa, Founder, CEO & CTO, Ghangor Cloud. This wide array of entities’ involvement makes healthcare data security and compliance even more challenging as it opens up possibilities for multiple types of data security breach vectors.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Ghangor Cloud is a leading provider of Cyber Security solutions enabling defense against most sophisticated Cyber Attacks on Information and Data Repositories and Applications. The company offers a wide array of solutions that empower care providers with the best-of-the-breed, advanced, and innovative solutions to tackle any cyber threat. 

AI-enabled Advanced Information Security & Compliance Solution

Ghangor Cloud’s pioneering 4th Generation Data Leak and Exfiltration Prevention (DLEP) technology and solution called “Information Security Enforcer (ISE)” has been built from the ground up to address data security challenges through a multipronged approach from all aspects. The solution is regarded in the industry as the most sophisticated solution against Cybersecurity Attacks targeting healthcare data.

The company’s Information Security and Compliance Enforcer solution is built from the ground up on a unique patented Deep Artificial Intelligence (Deep AI) based Auto-GRC paradigm that incorporates “Segmentation of Duty” principles, in combination with very granular “Access Control” mechanisms. This provides an extremely secure barrier to preventing the exfiltration of such patient and healthcare provider information.

The solution equips healthcare organizations with the ability to create and enforce policies based on the specific role of each individual in the organization in combination with the particular information that they are permitted to use. “This provides precise accuracy and granularity of policies while ensuring that work will not be affected by inappropriate DLEP controls,” states Mustafa.

The data security industry is highly competitive, and there is an extensive proliferation of vendors out there who have been offering their solutions. Ghangor Cloud has focused on developing an evident understanding of the complex data security challenges – its causes, the trajectory of the Cybersecurity paradigm, the nature and complexity of new and emerging Cyberattack Vectors – and extrapolating from these insights the future path of the data security challenges. “We discovered the key limitations of the existing technologies and approaches that had to be addressed in order to build a highly differentiated and efficacious data security solution,” says Mustafa.

The company created foundational technological advancements which resulted in several critical patents in multiple areas including auto-classification of data, auto-generation of policies, auto-access control, and auto-GRC Enforcement. “Our data security solution is now acknowledged in the industry as the Pioneering 4th Generation Data Security and Compliance Solutions,” he adds. Ghangor Cloud’s Information Security and Governance solution enables information and data security, whether it is located across the enterprise or the cloud.

The solution comes armed with ground-breaking technological innovations and a set of patented algorithms. It is built from ground up with a strong ability to resist ‘Malicious Data Exfiltration’ and ‘Purposeful Evasion’ of security measures.

Holistically Solving Data Leak

With a culture that reflects honesty and preciseness, Ghanghor Cloud believes in fostering a holistic ecosystem that treats patient’s healthcare data with utmost security and confidentiality to the fullest. “Being sick or having health-related issues is already quite a traumatic predicament. Confidentiality and security of patient’s information should not further aggravate a patient’s emotional and social wellbeing,” asserts Mustafa.

The company strongly believes in actually solving the data leak and data security problem systematically. “Our objective at Ghangor Cloud is to further enhance the leadership position by providing robust data security solutions for the healthcare industry that will address the new Cybersecurity attack vectors which are bound to emerge in the near future due to the evolving nature of healthcare infrastructure, equipment, and provisioning methodology. To this effect, we have a very clear future roadmap that we are pursuing, he adds.

Ghangor Cloud’s 4th Generation Data Leak and Exfiltration solution is deployed around the globe on customer sites in several vertical markets such as Healthcare, Financial Institutions, Banking industry, Hi-Tech industry, Government Organizations, and National Security Agencies. “Our Information Security and Compliance product is deployed in several locations over the spectrum of the healthcare provisioning chain ranging from hospitals to pharmacies to health insurance providers,” says Mustafa. Ghangor Cloud’s product helps healthcare service providers enforce the Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance mandate.

A Legacy Of Preventing Cyberthreat

Since its inception in 2014, Ghangor Cloud has been achieving the milestones and gaining industry attention. More recently, the company has enhanced its presence in the global market via partnerships with key Value-Added Reseller (VARs) and System Integrators (SIs) in South Asia, APAC, MEA, and Europe. “We have recently completed major customer deployments both in the US market as well as overseas and have many marquee customer deployments going on around the globe,” he adds.

What further instills trust in Ghangor Cloud is that on the technology front, the company’s path-breaking 4th Generation DLEP technology and product has gained worldwide acknowledgment as the “Best of the Breed” Information Security Product. The company has been recently regarded as the “GOLD STANDARD” in the data security industry.

The Road Ahead

The name Ghanghor is derived from Urdu & Hindi, implying dark moisture-rich cloud that heralds the beginning of the much, much-awaited monsoon season. Just like its name, Ghanghor Cloud aims to bring an end to the wicked dry spell and adorns the horizon with the rainbow of hope and new beginnings.

Founded by veterans of the computer & data security industry, Ghangor Cloud team is comprised of high caliber renowned authorities in data and internet security – many of the team members are counted amongst the ‘Who is Who’ of the information security industry. The company has emerged as one of the precursors of next-generation Information Security and Compliance solutions.

For the days to come, Ghangor Cloud aims to continue to offer the most advanced “Best of the Breed” Information Security & Compliance solution that enables and enforces information security & data leak prevention beyond any traditional solution.


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