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Marcos Salganicoff_KPMG

Real-world considerations for leveraging AI in Healthcare

By Marcos Salganicoff, Ph.D., Director, Data & Analytics, KPMG & Bharat Rao, Ph.D. Principal, Data & Analytics for HealthCare & Life Sciences, KPMG Bharat Rao, Ph.D. Principal, Data & Analytics AI’s potential role in healthcare is immense, and ranges from ...
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Are We Ready for the 2019 version of the Tricorder?

By Priya Radhakrishnan, Faculty Physician, Medical Director, Chief Academic Officer, HonorHealth When I was a kid, I was convinced that we would be beaming up as Scotty had shown us, instead of flying or driving. I was also certain that ...
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From Data to Understanding – Turning Vision into Action

By Claus Torp Jensen, CTO and Head of Architecture, CVS Health The notion of artificial intelligence has captivated our minds for decades; sometimes cast as the benefactor of an advanced society, sometimes cast as the villain of a science fiction ...
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Reinventing Healthcare with Artificial Intelligence

By Sunil Kakade, Director Information Architecture & Dr. Umar Iqbal, CMIO, Dignity Health Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare is likely to evolve at a more rapid pace than any other type of technological advancement. AI thrives on data. Currently, the ...
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Health Data Cube – Implementation of a data pre-aggregation platform for improving information availability

By Dr. Omid Shabestari, Director of Health Analytics & Shea Jessee, Team Lead, Carilion Clinic What is the average number of medication orders per inpatient visit?  Where are the highest ratios occurring?  Is this unique to certain medications? Which providers ...
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7 Practical Tips for Implementing Predictive Models in Healthcare

By Mark Weisman, CMIO, Peninsula Regional Medical Center If you are fortunate enough to have a brilliant biomedical informaticist hanging around your hospital, then understanding and implementing predictive models into your care delivery systems is second nature to you. The ...
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Top of the Licensure Strategies to Better Manage an Aging Population

Top of the Licensure Strategies to Better Manage an Aging Population – a Lead Role for Nurses Empowered by Analytics

By Bridget McKenzie, Chief Nursing Officer and VP of Medical Management, Conifer Health Solutions People are living longer than ever, and as the baby boomers age, providing care to an exponentially larger, complex population will place a strain on the ...
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Health Care and the Promise of Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI)

By Tina Wallman, Sr. Director of Strategic Initiatives, Optum There has recently been a lot of talk around explainable AI (XAI). How can we open up the ‘black box’ around AI to better understand what decisions it is making, what ...
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Universal Patient Identifier Can Improve Care, Save Lives

By Karly Rowe, Vice President New Product Development and Identity Management, Experian We’ve all heard in the news, and are certainly disheartened, about the opioid crisis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on average, 115 Americans ...
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From Predictive to Prescriptive Modeling

By Chad Konchak, AVP, Health IT, NorthShore University HealthSystem Healthcare to date has seen a tremendous advance in the use of predictive modeling. However, while we have advanced with these abilities, we have also encountered a new problem: with each ...
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Drowning in a Sea of Data? Six Ways to Translate Insight into Action

By Mitchell Morris, M.D., Executive Vice President, Advisory Services, Optum None of us is lacking in data. It’s coming at us from every angle, all day long. In fact, 30 percent of the world’s stored data is generated by the ...
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Data Governance: A Matter of Trust

By Lee David Milligan, VP & Chief Medical Information Officer, Asante A few years after going live on our enterprise Electronic Health Record (EHR), we decided to institute Data Governance (DG). We thought we understood the problem to be solved ...
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Three Keys to Using Data to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Costs

By Erin Benson, Director of Market Planning, LexisNexis Health Care Healthcare is on the brink of a significant transformation driven by the ongoing shift to value-based care and the focus on improving population health. Research has shown that socioeconomic data ...
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