Population Health

Sean Carroll, CEO, Arcadia

Arcadia Ensuring Financial Success in Value-Based Healthcare

Population Health Management (PHM) has been an important component of healthcare delivery for over a decade, but a recent shift toward value-based care has accelerated its adoption. A well-developed PHM program allows clinicians to identify care gaps and improve patient ...
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Mitchell Fong, Director of Telehealth, Renown Health


By Mitchell Fong, Director of Telehealth, Renown Health Since embarking on my graduate research study on Telehealth in 2011, I have dedicated my career to expanding telehealth services in both urban and rural areas of Nevada and California. This has ...
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Deepak Sadagopan, SVP Value-Based Care & Population Health Informatics, Providence St. Joseph Health

Op-Ed – Technology opportunities to scale value-based care

By Deepak Sadagopan, SVP Value-Based Care & Population Health Informatics, Providence St. Joseph Health One of the rare areas that has received bipartisan support from a federal policy perspective is the shift in healthcare payment models from Fee For Service ...
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The Unmet Promise of Artificial Intelligence in Population Health

By Benson Hsu, VP, Population Health, Sanford Health Population health is one of the last frontiers in medicine. One can argue that genomics and other therapeutics advances are still ahead of us, but the reality is that all medical advances ...
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Health IT and the Human Interface

By David K. Vawdrey, PhD, Chief Data Informatics Officer, Geisinger There is strong evidence that greater patient engagement leads to better health outcomes. But how do we make individuals become more engaged in their health and healthcare? Over the past ...
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Universal Internet Access is a Key Factor in True Population Health

By Molly Menton, Director, Clinical Delivery, Evolent Health When everyone does better, everyone does better. There are so many polarizing views of the concept of “free” in the United States today, it becomes nearly impossible to unpack in one article. What ...
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The evolving role of physician leadership in healthcare digital transformation: choosing the right technology partners for Population Health Management

By Vincenzo Scivittaro, MD, MS-MIS, Director, Health Informatics and Population Health Solutions, IBM Watson Health The healthcare industry is going through an incredibly massive digital transformation, and this change comes with new responsibilities for the clinical leaders of healthcare organizations ...
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Implementing a successful program to address gaps in care: An example of population-based approach in EMR systems

By Omid Shabestari, MD PhD, Director of Health Analytics, Carilion Clinic Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems are a must have for any healthcare organization. They allow providers to have timely and easy access to information of the patients they are ...
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What does it take to get a population health project approved?

By Richard Hom PhD MPA, Optometric Director, Blue Cross and Blue Shield We all want to know how to spend our health care dollars to achieve the best outcome at the lowest cost. Getting there will require the right mix ...
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Patients and Providers Benefit from Expanded Access to Healthcare Data

By Neeta Goel, M.D., Medical Director, Quality & Population Health, Inova Health System Engaging patients in their care is key to improving population health outcomes. One of the ways patients can be better engaged in improving their health is by ...
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Recognizing the barriers facing technology and its impact in value-based healthcare

By Emily Griese, PhD, Director, Population Health, Sanford Health & Associate Scientist, Population Health, Sanford Research Technology continues to propel the healthcare sector forward. Consider the advents within healthcare data: long gone are paper charts filled with unintelligible provider notes, ...
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Gavin Quinnies US HealthCenter

US HealthCenter: Providing Value-Based Care with Advanced Analytics Resolution

Gavin Quinnies, President | CEO, US HealthCenter With the advent of technology, the healthcare sector underwent a significant transformation towards bettering care delivery. However, as the concern of increased flow of patients and the subsequent cost to manage and provide ...
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Technology Adoption: A Call for Back-to-the-Basics Approach

By Valerie Fong, MSN, RN, Executive Director Regional Clinical Informatics – CNIO & Rick Davis, MBA, Executive Director IS Strategic Partner, Providence St. Joseph Health The average age of a registered nurse in the United States is close to 50 ...
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Jet Fuel For Your Clinical Documentation Integrity Program

By Pamela Arora, SVP CIO and Katherine Lusk, Chief Health Information Management & Exchange Officer, Children's Health In 2012, Children’s HealthSM faced two significant environmental changes that held the potential to impact provider workflow vis-a-vis additional documentation requirements. And if ...
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Super-Utilizers: Strategies To Address The Cost Conundrum

By Suma Gaddam, Former CIO, Care New England The Cost Conundrum There is an ancient proverb-Health is Wealth. While it may have many connotations, it seems a lot like a formula in the economics of population health. Try and apply ...
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The Secret to Successful EHR Adoption

By Beverly Jordan, Vice President and Chief Information and Transformation Officer, Baptist Memorial Health Care While electronic health records are mandated under the Affordable Care Act, the real key to making an EHR beneficial for everyone is understating how it works ...
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Health System Engagement of Physicians and Treating Physicians

By Patrick A. Woodard, MD, Associate Chief Medical Officer for IT, Renown Health One need not have read Dr. Atul Gawande's recent 9,000-word essay or visited a physicians’ lounge to know that doctors are not fans of the electronic medical ...
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Amer Saati, MD, MS, Physician Informaticist, Northwell Health

The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Population Health Management

By Amer Saati, MD, MS, Physician Informaticist, Northwell Health One of the new trends in health IT is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Healthcare settings. It has been a black box to many healthcare professionals and front end ...
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Top of the Licensure Strategies to Better Manage an Aging Population

Top of the Licensure Strategies to Better Manage an Aging Population – a Lead Role for Nurses Empowered by Analytics

By Bridget McKenzie, Chief Nursing Officer and VP of Medical Management, Conifer Health Solutions People are living longer than ever, and as the baby boomers age, providing care to an exponentially larger, complex population will place a strain on the ...
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Need of Telemedicine: Know the Healthseeker

By Bridget Gallagher, VP, Americare I have an Aunt, who is 86 years old and provides aide services 4- 5 hours a day to a 94-year-old woman living in her neighborhood. The 94-year-old, who I will call Ethel, is what ...
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