Patient Engagement

Nasim Rezanejad The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Patient-Centered Care Underscored in the time of Pandemic

By Nasim Rezanejad, MD, MS Physician Solutions Informaticist, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston The fiscal Year 2020 challenged and changed all of us. It changed the way we work, the ways we connect, and in some ...
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Justin Dearborn_PatientBond

PatientBond – Delivering Care on Patients’ Terms

In the digital age, personalized healthcare is the aim of every healthcare provider competing against thousands of telehealth solutions. Digital patient engagement platforms and digital patient interactions are increasing to supplement in-person care, not replace it. This has led to ...
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Isaiah Nathaniel, CIO, Delaware Valley Community

How accessible are you?

By Isaiah Nathaniel, CIO, Delaware Valley Community Health We all know our healthcare system is fragmented. This isn’t something new or revolutionary. It is almost explicitly accepted as a course of business in healthcare. We collectively address it with a ...
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Jennifer Dunphy, DrPH, MBA, MPH, Chief Population Health Officer & SVP-Operations, Regal Medical Group, Inc. & Lakeside Community Healthcare

COVID-19: Destruction and Innovation in Population Health

By Jennifer Dunphy, DrPH, MBA, MPH, Chief Population Health Officer & SVP-Operations, Regal Medical Group, Inc. & Lakeside Community Healthcare The world has seen widespread upheaval in the new environment of COVID-19, healthcare-at-large, and specifically, the domain of population health ...
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Tanya Arthur, CIO, Summa Health

Elevating the Consumer Experience in Healthcare

By Tanya Arthur, CIO, Summa Health Over the years, the healthcare industry has been on an elusive journey to capture the hearts and minds of our patients. In the early to mid-2000s, patient-centered care and engagement programs became a pervasive ...
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Health IT and the Human Interface

By David K. Vawdrey, PhD, Chief Data Informatics Officer, Geisinger There is strong evidence that greater patient engagement leads to better health outcomes. But how do we make individuals become more engaged in their health and healthcare? Over the past ...
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Connected Health – Connecting patients and care teams for improved outcomes, experience and efficiency

By Ahmad Sharif, MD, SVP, CMIO & Jessica Ryter, Senior Product Manager, Corporate Strategy and Innovation, Fresenius Medical Care The rise of interoperability and interconnected technologies is fundamentally changing how we care for, communicate and engage with our patients, providers ...
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Patients and Providers Benefit from Expanded Access to Healthcare Data

By Neeta Goel, M.D., Medical Director, Quality & Population Health, Inova Health System Engaging patients in their care is key to improving population health outcomes. One of the ways patients can be better engaged in improving their health is by ...
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Technology Adoption: A Call for Back-to-the-Basics Approach

By Valerie Fong, MSN, RN, Executive Director Regional Clinical Informatics – CNIO & Rick Davis, MBA, Executive Director IS Strategic Partner, Providence St. Joseph Health The average age of a registered nurse in the United States is close to 50 ...
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How Healthcare is Taking the First Steps to Embrace Consumerism?

By Rich Temple, CIO, Deborah Heart and Lung Center As healthcare continues to rapidly evolve and patients and families increasingly expect to interact with their healthcare providers in the same manner as they interact with their airlines or e-commerce vendors, ...
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Digitization of Patient Engagement—Who Gets Left Behind?

By Michele Sasso, MBA, Director of Clinical Programs & Technology, Department of Accountable Care and Clinical Integration, Boston Children’s Hospital Connected care or technology-enabled healthcare can improve access to services and empower patients and families to take control of their ...
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Technology innovation provides a road map for consumers’ end-to-end healthcare journey

By Joseph Cacchione, MD, FACC, Executive Vice President, Clinical & Network Services, Ascension There is no question that healthcare has been lagging in technology innovation. However, consumer demand is driving transformation, pushing us toward implementation of more personalized, higher quality ...
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IT Strategies Promoting Patient Engagement Tools and Education

By Christina Perez, Network Operations, ACO & CIO, Tenet Healthcare In healthcare, when one thinks Patients and IT, we think Apps for fitness, calorie counting, and patient education tips but for many physicians they think Patient Portal. Physicians due to ...
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The Secret to Successful EHR Adoption

By Beverly Jordan, Vice President and Chief Information and Transformation Officer, Baptist Memorial Health Care While electronic health records are mandated under the Affordable Care Act, the real key to making an EHR beneficial for everyone is understating how it works ...
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