Vorro: Where Interoperability is a Will

A leading hospital in the acute-care market was actively working on its initiative to improvise operational efficiency and reduce medication errors by installing Automated Dispensing Cabinets (ADCs) across all their hospitals. However, their legacy Hospital Information System (HIS) would not communicate with the new-age ADCs. The hospital approached Vorro for their comprehensive software platform called the BridgeGate to integrate the ADCs with their existing information system and automated data exchange across departments. “We helped them deploy the solution, while providing ongoing support to their team as they assimilated the new platform in their workflow. It became a seamless affair,” recounts Scott Sirdevan, the CEO of Vorro. Vorro stands for ‘I will’ in Italian language, which encapsulates its business philosophy of helping customers champion their integration requirements. “We take ownership of “I will” ensuring their critical data is exchanged in a secure, efficient and in an auditable way,” Sirdevan adds.

In the early 2000s, Vorro provided IT consulting services, and their customer was outsourcing all integration to a third party. The client created custom code to integrate hundreds of trading partners, and the third-party firm went out of business. Vorro was asked to solve this large-scale problem. Instead of hiring an army of developers to code all the integration points, Vorro created BridgeGate which is an invention born out of necessity! The first release of the product was created, and it integrated hundreds of systems in a very short amount of time. Since then, Vorro has paved its own path, mastering any-to-any integration capability to help businesses achieve insights, efficiency, automation and agility. The BridgeGate platform integrates data quickly and inexpensively without any need for code or standard. It helps augment hospitals and healthcare organizations with interoperability by allowing them to transfer any data from any system and in any format to use it efficiently.

Unlock Data Value to the Fullest

“Typically, any healthcare setting deals with a colossal volume of sensitive data and information exchange right from electronic medical records to clinical information systems. Patient care must be a priority and core strength rather than managing data-related challenges. Achieving interoperability not only collates data that remains siloed across disparate systems but also provides a single source of truth,” Sirdevan says. Besides, there are many data standards in healthcare that make using things easier. But when the matter is around interoperability, there are different formats that could interpret different meanings based on the codified system. “So we have a lot of efficient standards and systems within healthcare, but almost all of them are standalone. And that’s exactly what we have solved,” he adds. With BridgeGate, Vorro simplifies for companies to link their internal software and data systems in true any-to-any data integration form. The automation features of BridgeGate ensure better efficiency and can be leveraged to derive useful insights to allow better decision-making. “We believe every healthcare organization should operate their core business around data and integration, and use that data to its full potential. Our systems provide full auditing capabilities out of the box. Giving you full custody of your data, thus ensuring secure and efficient usage,” Sirdevan says.

Systems integration is a living problem to manage. Software and systems are rapidly evolving and improving, making systems integration even more challenging to manage.

Another advantage of the BridgeGate platform is its seamless integration with the existing technology that healthcare companies are already using. This speeds up the deployment time and the no-code setup makes it easier for all stakeholders in the organization to use the platform efficiently. Low-to-no code also makes the system more agile, making it future-proof for scaling the business. All this at a cost 10x lower than other enterprise-grade data integration platforms!

Integrity and Speed

Vorro’s BridgeGate is designed to target each pain point of a healthcare company from a single source of truth. Patient data remains its core priority—ensuring electronic health records (EHR) are thorough, integrating patient data into EHR, automating exchange of medication data into EHR and so forth. Then there’s the procurement capability—medication orders, billing and inventory data that allows for efficiently managing operational finances. BridgeGate essentially allows healthcare companies to streamline all their internal processes including human resource and business development with a very shallow learning curve. Additionally, it is designed to be used by a business analyst not programmers, allowing users who create the requirements to actually solve the integration challenges. “Modeling is building! As the Founder and CEO, it has been very satisfying watching BridgeGate integrate systems in many industries. In retail, facilitating products being delivered to customers on time. In healthcare, getting the right prescription to the right patient in a timely manner,” beams Sirdevan. It helps in assisting health information exchange (HIE) organizations to integrate patient’s vital medical information electronically, improving the speed, quality, safety and cost of patient care. “I still get excited today when I visit my physician and watch them use an EMR/PHR. I know behind the senses in many cases it’s BridgeGate orchestrating the exchanging of data,” he says.

The talent behind BridgeGate platform are Vorro’s integration engineers who work with customers across industries to provide excellent product enhancements and leverage valuable feedback by passing it on to the product development team. “Systems integration is a living problem to manage. Software and systems are rapidly evolving and improving, making systems integration even more challenging to manage,” Sirdevan explains. “At Vorro, this is our sole focus. We utilize our BridgeGate platform to provide the highest quality Integration Platform As A Service (iPaaS).” With most of Vorro’s customers in the Healthcare space, quality is of the highest importance. Their Agile development processes incorporate the best practices and CI with thousands and thousands of regression tests that are continuously running to ensure the highest level of quality.

For the future, BridgeGate software will continue to evolve adding features that allow quick systems integration with a web-based operational view into all aspects of the integration.In addition, Vorro software’s new release always includes upgrades to the industry data standards like EDI X12, HL7 and FHIR. 

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