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Caresyntax: The Future of Safer and Smarter Surgery

In the current healthcare ecosystem of providers, payors, industry, and (last but not least!) patients, fragmented data creates tremendous friction, inefficiency, and negatively impacts quality of care. Recent decades have seen health tech companies develop data solutions across the patient journey, mainly outside the operating theater. As marginal improvements diminish in pre-and post-op care delivery, the ecosystem has turned its attention to the final “black box” of surgery.

To create a sustainable healthcare system of the future, healthcare providers are turning to vendor partners who can offer integrated tech solutions in the OR, aggregating huge amounts of data from different sources and modalities to provide insight. Data analysis, decision support, patient pathway planning, and OR workflow are key areas of interest, with outputs aimed to make surgeries safer and smarter. Caresyntax has created a new category of technology to address this challenge. The Caresyntax Data-Driven Surgery Platform enables health systems, payor partners, and industry innovators to aggregate and distill data from the massive surgical ecosystem, leverage data for insights, and innovate in ways to create a sustainable and resilient health system of the future.

The Caresyntax vendor neutral, enterprise-grade surgical technology platform delivers actionable insights through AI-powered software, devices, and clinical services, analyzing large volumes of clinical, operational, and financial data to improve patient outcomes and operational efficiency.

Clinical Benefits: Leveraging Technology for Optimal Surgical Workflow Efficiency at Every Step

Caresyntax is revolutionizing the surgical space by harnessing the power of data to drive excellence in every phase of the surgical journey. From preoperative planning to postoperative analysis, the vendor-neutral platform captures and returns useful information through the entire surgical process from all modalities: Electronic Health Records (EHRs), inventory & supply chain systems, financial records, and high-definition surgical footage. Assembling this data into a High-Fidelity Surgical Record™, the platform utilizes Intel® Edge computing technology to return useful outputs to improve patient safety and improving clinical outcomes. Whether through industry-leading and clinically validated procedural assessments and surgical guides, or through real time AI-driven patient risk models, Caresyntax is focused on redefining surgical quality through continuous education, development, and improvement. And, with available telepresence add-on capability, Caresyntax can create a surgical education environment where surgeons can learn advanced techniques directly from the experts in their fields, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement in surgical practices across geographic and socioeconomic barriers.

Safeguarding Data Collected for Enhancing Surgical Quality and Safety

Caresyntax, a recognized Patient Safety Organization (PSO) for Surgery, prioritizes the protection of surgical data collected across the care continuum. With robust anonymization and privacy controls, Caresyntax ensures the confidentiality of data used in surgical variation reduction, error reduction, and quality improvement programs.

Caresyntax’s commitment to data protection empowers healthcare providers to confidently pursue quality improvement initiatives, knowing their efforts and the generated data are safeguarded. Thus, Caresyntax is transforming healthcare from a culture of “blame and shame” to one of constant improvement and forward momentum.

Operational Improvements: Enhancing Operational Efficiency with Data-Driven Insights

The Caresyntax platform transforms perioperative efficiency by utilizing surgical data for real-time decision-making and remote collaboration. It enriches post-surgery analysis, enabling continuous improvement in surgical practices and resource management. This approach not only supports healthcare providers but also aids medical device manufacturers and insurers by offering insights derived from comprehensive risk assessments.

With the introduction of dynamic surgical scheduling solutions, Caresyntax is further optimizing operating room allocations, reducing scheduling conflicts, and improving patient flow.

Key features include:

  • Empowerment of leaders with actionable insights for scheduling optimization, operational throughput, and cost efficiency.
  • Data-driven optimization of OR team composition for enhanced procedure outcomes.

With Caresyntax’s data-driven insights, hospitals have experienced substantial improvements, such as:

  • 39% increase in operation room scheduling block utilization
  • 25% increase in billable minutes
  • 40% decrease in after-hours cases
Maximizing Financial Outcomes: Expanding Surgical Services for Increased Volume, Reimbursement, and Profitability

Caresyntax significantly boosts financial performance in healthcare by leveraging surgical data to enhance growth, increase patient volume, improve reimbursements, and boost profitability. The Caresyntax platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for hospitals and surgery centers, blending unstructured and structured data from various sources to provide a holistic view of surgical care. This enables proactive risk management and better negotiations for value-based contracts. Through advanced financial analytics and customizable tools, Caresyntax identifies cost-saving opportunities and supports service line expansion and marketing with real-world evidence. Additionally, it promotes the development of high-performing teams, facilitating the transition to value-based payment models and positioning organizations at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

Hospitals using Caresyntax have reported remarkable financial outcomes, including:

  • Up to 1.5 more surgeries per day
  • More than $300k additional revenue per OR
  • More than $500 additional savings per OR case, based on better block time utilization.

AI-driven insights are transforming surgical care by enabling a personalized approach to patient treatment, enhancing safety, and care quality.

Pioneering Healthcare Innovation through with Insurers and Medtech Partners

The success of the Caresyntax platform is perhaps most well represented in its innovative partnership with Relyens, a European leader in insurance and risk management, to enhance surgical safety and efficiency through a category-defining Risk Management as a Service (RMaaS). RMaaS embodies a holistic approach to healthcare by combining risk management, Caresyntax technology, best practices, and insurance solutions, to improve patient safety and reduce costs and complications over the entire cycle of care.

And, with its newest offering, Clinical Data as a Service (CDaaS), Caresyntax now offers proven and scalable data collection and data science capabilities for industry partners to grow revenue, measure and improve value, and inform product development. CDaaS offers contextual data collection that is unmatched by current players, lower costs compared to traditional research organizations, and shortened timelines compared to in-house data collection teams.

About Caresyntax

Caresyntax is on a mission to make surgery safer and smarter by converging AI-powered software, devices, and clinical services to help customers improve surgical outcomes. Our vendor neutral, enterprise-grade surgical intelligence platform delivers actionable insights to improve patient outcomes by using proprietary software and artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze large volumes of video, audio, images, device data, clinical and operational data in and around the OR. This real-world evidence can be used by the care team live, during a procedure, and accessed by those outside the operating room via the platform’s dedicated telehealth link. After a procedure, the Caresyntax platform provides insights that help surgeons benchmark and improve their care, hospital administrators use surgical resources more efficiently, medical device companies advance better products, and insurance companies understand risk and devise more tailored policies. Headquartered in San Francisco in the US and internationally in Berlin, Caresyntax software is used in more than 3,000 operating rooms worldwide and supports surgical teams in more than three million procedures per year.

For more information on how Caresyntax can make surgery safer, smarter, and more profitable, visit

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